Stormwater On-site Detention

June 15, 2018

stormwater drainage

Often referred to as on-site detention tanks, (OSD) is now not only compulsory for large scale developments, but also residential builds, renovation construction and developments. Most councils now require new property owners to provide a system that captures rainwater that falls on their property and release it at a slower rate...

Stormwater Drainage Management Plan - 3 Critical Factors

May 25, 2018

stormwater drainage

Civil engineers who work in stormwater drainage work at the highest level of design and planning, which requires solving large and often time sensitive complex problems. Urban and regional planners including architects look to civil engineers to provide the most efficient and cost effective stormwater drainage systems, ...

LP Consulting Principal Awarded Fellowship

May 09, 2018


Our principal engineer Louis Panagopoulos has been awarded a Fellowship by Engineers Australia. LP Consulting is a contemporary engineering consultancy offering specialist expertise and innovative design solutions. Engineering is our passion. And we’re delighted that our pursuit of engineering excellence has been officially recognised. The fellowship marks Louis out as one...

Water Main Connection into Sydney Water Assets

December 22, 2017

Water main

LP Consulting Australia has successfully completed a live water main connection without shutting off Sydney’s water assets. A live valve insertion system allows for a valve to be installed into a live main and under pressure with no disruption whatsoever to the water supply or customers. LP Consulting...