Expert Technical Advisor

Expert Technical Advice Australia

LP Consulting boasts 32 years of technical expertise and we provide easy to understand and no nonsense advice on all issues relating within the area of our expertise.

We deliver technical advice across a range of engineering disciplines of Water and Wastewater engineering, Civil Engineering Roads and Drainage, Flooding and Earthworks.

  • Project procurement
  • Capacity issues on water, sewer and stormwater pipelines installations
  • Pipeline selection and pipe systems optimisation
  • Pipeline Bedding and backfill selection
  • Road material selection tailored to the agreed design life of a project
  • Concrete pavement assessment
  • Waterproofing advice
  • Rainfall and runoff assessment and advice
  • Stormwater treatment advice selection
  • Flooding and Freeboard issues
  • Floor level requirements for property development
  • Tender and procurement advice

A full outline of the project completed by our Principal Engineer, Louis for a number of Consultant firms can be found by following the Link. CLICK HERE

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    Principal Engineer Louis Panagopoulos


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