Hydraulic Services Consultants

Hydraulic and Fire Services

LP Consulting provides a made to measure service for Building Hydraulics Services and only uses highly skilled and experienced practicioners who have a long history of design of Hydraulic Services .

We meet with stakeholders and Clients at early stage of a project and provide early Space Planning advice and Concept Design. Our designs will be innovative, cost effective and detailed. We provide Detailed Design and Documentation for a range of service streams including:-
  • Potable Cold Water
  • Reycled Stormwater
  • Sewer, Grease and Trade Waste Drainage
  • Backwater and Greywater Treatment and Reuse Systems
  • Stormwater Drainage including Onsite Detention
  • Sub-soil Drainage
  • Sanitary, Grease and Trade Waste Plumbing
  • Hot and Cold Water Generation and Piping Systems
  • Natural and LP Gas Systems
  • Fire Hose Reels
  • Fire Hydrants

LP Consulting provides the following expertise in the fields of Urban Drainage, Water Sensitive Urban Design for a range of Building and Infrastructure development.

  • Hydrological and Catchment Studies using the DRAINS Numerical Modelling tool
  • Hydraulic and River Systems Numerical Modelling using the HEC RAS Numerical Modelling tool
  • Site Specific and Urban Flood Studies
  • Design of Minor Pipes, Major Drainage, Channels and Culverts
  • On Site Detention Modelling and Design
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design
  • Stomwater Quality Modelling using the Music Model
  • Modelling and Optimisation of Pit Inserts, Buffer Strips, Bioretention swales, Bioretenton basins, Raingarden and Wetlands
  • Wetland Design
  • Rainwater Reuse Modelling and Design
  • Urban Drainage and Overland Flow Design and Management
We incorporate the following NUMERICAL MODELLING SOFTWARE to assist with our designs:-
  • DRAINS – Hydrologic, Hydrograph and On-Site Detention Analysis Software
  • HEC RAS – River and Channel Hydraulic Analysis Software
  • MUSIC – Stormwater Quality Modelling Software

LP Consulting provides Concept Design, Detailed Construction Drawings and Technical Specifications, Cost Control Advice, Project Management, Construction Quality Control services for all of the above service streams. We ensure that the advice our Clients receive is providing by one of our experts in the industry.

A full outline of the project completed by our Principal Engineer, Louis for a number of Consultant firms can be found by following the Link. CLICK HERE

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