Sydney Water Registered WSC

LP Consulting’s team provides comprehensive water servicing coordination, design and project management services that deliver exemplary results to our clients, particularly for complex projects. We engage with our clients and Sydney Water early in the project and negotiate outside the square to achieve real and effective solutions.

The following mandatory Sydney Water design and project management services are among our core capabilities:

  • Obtain asset drawings
  • Service protection reports
  • Building plan approval
  • Flow and pressure statements
  • Design plans and longitudinal sections for water mains, sewer mains and stormwater mains
  • Inspections and test plans
  • Numerical flow modeling
  • Review of environmental factor reports
  • Flow isolations and flow management plans for water, sewer and stormwater
  • Notices to Sydney Water during the design and construction phases
  • Construction attendance and construction quality control services
  • Work As Executed drawings
  • Certification